Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stop windows update nagging me !

1. Open services dialog box.
2. Stop those services : - Automatic Updates
- Background Intelligent Transfer Service
- Cryptographic Services
3. Explore C:\WINDOWS and rename the folder "SoftwareDistribution" to
"SoftwareDistribution.old" .

4. Explore C:\WINDOWS\system32 and rename those folder:
"Catroot2" to "Catroot2.old"
"SoftwareDistribution" to "SoftwareDistribution.old" .
5. Start the following services (the 3 services that you already stoped).

6. Go to Control Panel and Double-click Automatic Updates.

7. Select “Notify Me but Don’t Automatically Update Or Install Them” radio button then OK.

This procedure forces Windows to reset the files that track what updates you have installed. This means that the automatic update will stop nagging you to update even though you already have. This procedure means Windows will stop trying to download and install SP3.
One word of warning though, in general Windows updates are important not only for your security and peace of mind, but also for the security of everyone else. I highly recommend that you apply the patches as soon as you can. Our Windows Patch Tuesday feature will keep you informed just what each patch contains.

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